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Welcome to the MysteryRealmsRPG Wikia

This wiki is based around a modded-minecraft server called MysteryRealmsRPG, it is not complete yet and you cannot join the server yet. I will update this wiki so you can see when it is ready.


MysteryRealmsRPG is a Minecraft MMORPG server created by Halpa, who does all the building and npc's and Funnis, who also builds and does scripts. Gameplay is currently based around the Land of Tasmeijan. What makes this server unique is the fact that you don't choose any class when you start playing. This means you can decide which way you want to play. This server is going to have over 30 quests, 8 questlines in which each of them have at least 5 quests, lots of locations filled with different races and personalities and of course dark dungeons full of hungry monsters!

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